3 Employee Development Courses that Benefit Your Education Business

Want to set yourself apart from your competitors? We know how to help.

Whether you are the head teacher in a private school or whether you run a college, your teachers and educators are your primary resource. Keeping them in top condition means keeping your facility in the best possible working order. When your educators start to falter, so do you. Protecting them means protecting both your business and your investments. So how can we protect our staff while simultaneously elevating them above our competitors? We use training courses to advance knowledge and gain that competitive edge.

What Training Courses Do Teachers Need?

The world of education isn’t as fast moving as the world of tech. Although it doesn’t evolve at the same pace (particularly in the UK public school system), it does come with similar development. Teachers must adapt not only their knowledge of subjects over time, but also the methods by which they teach. For example, the recent pandemic sent many teachers to virtual classrooms, some of whom had never operated one before. Nowadays you don’t only need to be proficient in your subject, you need to be proficient in the digital means to teach it, too.

The 3 Development Courses Teachers Need in 2022

With this in mind, here’s an insight into the three teacher training and development courses you need to stay ahead of the competition.

1 – Safeguarding Training

All teachers get safeguarding training early on in their studies, but on-the-job is a different ballgame. If you look at Hays Safeguarding Training, for example, you will see that it goes into far greater detail than that which your teachers learned at school. For some of your educators, university was more than two decades ago. Think about how much has changed since then. Safeguarding training protects the children in your employ. It sets you apart from other educators and encourages parents to feel safer in their choice of school, should they choose you. We recommend annual boosters so your staff can spot the signs of abuse or neglect easily.

2 – Counselling Training

You may wish to give one or more of your teachers training in generic counselling. Having a trained on-site counsellor who can listen to the students and help them with their problems, really sets you apart as a college or university. Counselling isn’t cheap, and rather than perform the roll of a psychiatrist, all a counsellor does is listen. Counsellors are better in tune with student needs and give excellent feedback to the development of new courses. They can even help other teachers manage wellbeing at work.

3 – Wellbeing Training

A third option that all educators should study, is wellbeing training. If you work in an educational establishment, looking after your own wellbeing always seems to come beneath looking after others. Taking proper care of yourself is a life skill that prevents burnout, particularly when it’s on the rise due to remote working situations.

Teaching your teachers how to look after their needs efficiently is a blessing, they will take with them to any future rolls. It reduces absenteeism and increases motivation. It’s a no-brainer. Teachers don’t know everything. The least we can do is show them how to switch off.

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