How to Improve Your Child’s Language Skills in Bangkok

We live in a world of seven billion people where every country speaks multiple languages and has different cultures. But we have English as our lingua franca, which makes things easier for everybody. However, there’s still a significant percentage of the population who cannot speak English. To get over this problem, it is up to parents to start teaching English to their kids at an early age.

There are multiple ways to improve the language skills of your child if you are living in Bangkok.

Get Them Story Books

Every child on the planet loves stories and story books. Even adults can’t deny the appeal of these books. The best thing about story books is that they are written in simple words, which is why anyone can read them. Even if your child is only familiar with basic English, you can get them story books. The books will not only satisfy your child’s love for stories but they will also help with learning English.

If your child doesn’t have a dictionary, get them one with the story books so they can look up the meaning of every new word they come across. It will help improve their vocabulary and improve their spoken English skills.

International School

A school can make or break the career of your child. School not only teaches students about different subjects but also how to survive in a society and engage with others. If you choose the right school, it can also help your child with English. For instance, an international school in Bangkok that has its entire curriculum in English is more likely to teach the language to your kid.

International schools follow a recognised curriculum that has been approved by multiple boards. They are also ideal for students who want to go abroad for further studies. Another benefit of studying at international schools is that they have degrees that are accepted by foreign countries.

Talk to Them in English

Practice makes perfect, which is why you should speak in English at home and encourage your child to reply in it too. Make sure that you are not being too strict with it if you want the learning process to be efficient. It should be a fun activity for you and your child. It will also double as a bonding activity for both of you. Make sure that your pronunciations are clear so your child doesn’t have any trouble picking up new words from you.

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