Physical Therapist Assistant Degree at Stanbridge University

PTA stands for Physical Therapist Assistant; physical therapist assistants work under the guidance of a physical therapist. The main part of their job is helping patients regain movement and manage pain who are recovering from injuries and illness if you desire to change the world by helping people get a better life and roll yourself now for a Physical Therapist Assistant degree.

Stanbridge University

Stanbridge University offers a world-class PTA program for students who desire to become PTA in the future. The people at Stanbridge University are passionate about bringing change on a local as well as global scale. Students can take a virtual tour of the university before enrolling in Stanbridge. The University campus is in Orange City and Los Angeles. The Physical Therapist Assistant degree will help you learn how to help people effectively and help them gain lost confidence back in life. The PTA’s help people regain the life they have lost physically and mentally. Physical therapist assistants will be provided with an opportunity to change the world by helping people.

The admission process at Stanbridge University

  • Visit the Stanbridge University portal for the admission application form; your admission representative will guide through all the steps.
  • The admission representative will give a campus tour to the students.
  • Take the entrance exam demanded by the university according to your selected program.

  • Provide proof of your previous degrees and education.
  • Take the online readiness quiz by the university.
  • Provide proof of a minimum of 20 hours of work experience with a licensed PT or PTA.
  • Provide the university with the required entrance questionnaire, essay, and interview.
  • Contact the financial aid representative for discussing the tuition fees funding option.
  • Complete the enrolment paperwork required by the university.

Benefits of getting a Physical Therapist Assistant Degree

  • A Physical Therapist Assistant meets and treats patients one on one. They get to see patients personally and see the improvements. A PTA can see for them how they have helped their patients grow and improve. How their little works have helped make a great change in their patients’ lives?
  • Location is not an issue for PTA’s as they can move around the country and pick up a location that best suits them and start working in that work environment.
  • Pursuing a PTA career is quick. It doesn’t take a lifetime to become or get a PTA degree from universities.
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