The Three Most Important Areas for a Young Child’s Development

When a child reaches the age of 3, they are ready to explore the world to some degree, and early learning programs should focus on three main areas, which are as follows:

  1. Physical Development – Dance, movement and physical exercise are all encouraged, as the young growing body requires all-round exercise. Small and large motor groups develop with the right activities, and each child would be closely monitored regarding physical development.
  1. Personal, Emotional and Social Development – When you enrol your toddler in child care services in Lincoln, they receive the right stimuli in all three of these areas, and learn how to mix with other children. This prepares them for their introduction into 12 years of formal education, and they learn the value of politeness, equality and should always have the opportunity to express themselves.
  1. Communication and Language – It is critical that a young child’s language skills develop as they grow, and by introducing new vocabulary in a structured way, the kids develop their language skills rapidly.

Preferred Activities

For nursery age children, art is a very important aspect of developing creativity, therefore, the children are actively encouraged to engage in art activities, which might include painting, drawing, dance and movement and working with soft and pliable materials like clay.

Storytelling would play a major role as this develops both language skills and imagination, and the ideal nursery environment would have many corners, where learning resources are freely available during free-play periods.

If you are looking for a day care centre for your young child, makes sure they adopt the above principles to ensure that the children learn the necessary life skills to excel during formal education

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