Will Your College (Really) Assist You In Finding Employment?

To uncover just how much job search help you will get out of your college, answer the questions below. (Circle your solutions – NS = Unsure)

1. Does your college fully communicate the help that are offered in the Career Services Office once you enter college? YES, NO, NS

2. Does your college require students to organize an itemized employment strategy throughout the Newcomer year? YES, NO, NS

3. Are students at the college coached through their employment strategy throughout each semester of school? YES, NO, NS

4. Are job search preparation activities emphasized during each semester of school? YES, NO, NS

5. Does your college provide students with a summary of job search preparation activities that needs to be completed prior to the senior year? YES, NO, NS

6. Does your college educate you the way to conduct an extensive look for employment? YES, NO, NS

7. Will the Career Services Site contain all the job search information which help you’ll need? YES, NO, NS

8. Could it be simple to talk with or make contact with a Career Services Representative or Employment Coach if you have questions or need assistance? YES, NO, NS

9. Are you aware the number of employers visited your college this past year to interview students together with your major? YES, NO, NS

10. Are you aware the number of students together with your major were hired this past year, because of campus interviews? YES, NO, NS

11. Which are the 6-8 primary needs from the employers that hire students together with your major? YES, NO, NS

12. Does your college supply you with the contact details for former students together with your major who’re now employed in your field of great interest? YES, NO, NS

13. Perform the Professors inside your major use their contacts to assist students find part-time, summer time and full-time jobs? YES, NO, NS

14. Could it be apparent for you that people from the college community will work together to make sure that the finest quantity of students land good jobs? YES, NO, NS

15. Does your college allow it to be obvious to each students that “the senior year job search really starts within the Newcomer year?” YES, NO, NS

16. Additionally for your academic performance, you will find four other areas where one can impress employers. Are you currently told what they’re? YES, NO, NS

17. Exist internships and part-time job possibilities readily available for students together with your major? YES, NO, NS

18. Are employers, inside your field of great interest, asked to create presentations to students regarding their employment needs, needs and expectations? YES, NO, NS

19. Does your job Services Department conduct classroom practicing categories of students on topics that are required for employment success? YES, NO, NS

20. Are students been trained in employment networking techniques? YES, NO, NS

21. Are students been trained in interviewing tips and techniques? YES, NO, NS

22. Is resumé preparation training open to you? YES, NO, NS

23. Is really a big list of employment internet sites distributed around students in each and every field of study? YES, NO, NS

24. Are students been trained in finding and researching potential employers in their own individual field of study? YES, NO, NS

25. Could it be obvious for you that the college does everything easy to help students find and land good jobs? YES, NO, NS

Rate your college:

Should you clarified yes 20 occasions, your college does an excellent job. A grade of (A)

Should you clarified yes 15 – 19 occasions, your college does a great job. (B)

Should you clarified yes 11 – 14 occasions, your college does merely a fair job. (C)

Should you clarified yes seven to ten occasions, your college needs much improvement. (D)

Should you clarified yes 1 – 6 occasions, your college should reevaluate its commitment. (F)

Delivering well educated university students right into a highly competitive employment market with little job search preparation assistance and training isn’t the method in which concerned college leaders should operate. Therefore, parents and students at underperforming colleges must start to demand ever better from their store.

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