How to crack CLAT 2020 Exam

It is one of the most important questions that arise in the mind of every aspirant preparing for the CLAT 2020 that how to crack CLAT 2020 with a good percentile. CLAT is one of the most important examinations for seeking admission in the top law colleges in India. Here are some tips and the perfect strategy which will definitely help to crack the exam with a good percentile. Read this article before selecting any CLAT Online Coaching.

This exam requires proper planning and strategy to crack. In this article, you will get to know the strategies of toppers during their preparation in the CLAT exam.

  • Understanding the Syllabus of the Examination

It is very important to know the syllabus of the CLAT 2020 exam before starting preparation. The Clarity about the syllabus will help to make the perfect strategy and helps to focus on the important topics as per the exam view.

  • Analysis of previous year papers of the CLAT exam.

It is very important for law students to do an analysis of the CLAT previous year papers to know the pattern of the exam. It will help to understand the difficulty level of the exam and the important topics which generally asked in the Examination.

It helps to know the overview of different types of questions and the weightage of each and every topic.

  • Effective Time Management

It is one of the important skills to crack the toughest CLAT exam with good percentile. The proper time allocation for each and every subject is very important.

It is also important during the CLAT exam to manage time effectively which will helps you to solve all the questions in the Examination with accuracy.

  • Identification of your strength and weakness

Every student has some strong and weak points. It is necessary that aspirant should identify their strength and weakness. It helps in identifying the weak points and fill gaps in your knowledge.

It will help students to improve the weak subject and strength your capabilities. This will helps to know which subjects you should have to give more focus.

  • Practice more CLAT Mock Test

CLAT Online Mock Test is an effective tool during the preparation of the exam to measure the preparation level. It helps in performance analysis. It helps you to build a positive mindset and boosts your confidence.

CLAT Mock Test provides you a platform where you can do self-assessment and rectify your mistakes. A lot of practice of previous year question papers helps in improving the accuracy.

  • Effective Revision of CLAT Syllabus

Our Brain requires a regular revision of the read facts and information to store it in our long term memory. Revision is the re-visualization of your learning.

Revision is very important to brush up your knowledge which you gain with a lot of hard work and effort. Even your study a lot but don’t revise the topics regularly, at the end of the day the result is zero.

Revision helps in strengthening your concepts and reinforce learning.


These tips and strategies if you follow consistently, your selection is 100% sure in the CLAT 2020 examination. You should keep yourself motivated which will reflect in your attitude. You have to take so much effort and work hard to crack the CLAT 2020 exam and seek admission to the top law college to become a successful lawyer.

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