What are the 4 stages of editing content?

Stages of Content Editing and the Use of Plagiarism Checker

Creating content requires creativity, but editing content is a more crucial task involving a lot of nitty-gritty. Get familiar with the different stages of editing content for writing a better-quality article.

The large scale of ambiguous information surrounding the editing style of content leaves the writer and the editor equally confused about which rule to accept and which one to avoid. Here are the four stages of editing a content to be kept in mind for creating a unique content that plagiarism checkers will pass easily:

  • Coherence:

The first step towards editing is structural editing. The journey from jotting down ideas to penning them down is a tedious one. In the process, it is not uncommon for the writers to unknowingly deviate from the actual work plan in between or lose track of writing flow.

The responsibility of the editor is to check the overall flow of the content. It is the most significant part of the stages of editing content. A well written creative writing which is incomprehensible to the target audience serves no purpose.

  • Check for essential keywords:

The editor must be aware of techniques of highlighting the keywords for search engine optimization. With proper keywords, search engines work as an article generator. The trick is to know the keywords and use them wisely to reach out to the audience better.

  •  Proofreading:  

The question often arises what makes any content a unique content? The answer is a flawless one. Other factors contributing to the original content are careful perusal for grammar and spelling errors; proofreading also includes fact-checking and checking for plagiarism.

Plagiarized content is equally unaccepted as one with grammatical errors, syntax errors, and spelling mistakes.

  • Macro editing:

The developmental and line by line editing together is known as editing on a macro level. This rigorous process focuses on readability, capability for reader engagement, etc.

Good content is that which has undergone all these stages of editing content. However, plagiarism remains a significant challenge or the writer as the content creators often indulge in plagiarism unintentionally.

Editing ideas to avoid plagiarism

  • Often the writer uses a paraphrasing tool or summarizes someone else’s content. However, this seemingly harmless task can also lead a content to be considered as a duplicate content.

Advanced techniques like plagiarism checker tools can identify copied words within minutes. Replacing the directly copied words with one’s word or using a content rewriter can save the writer from copyright issues.

  • The best way is to give credit to the original writer for his/her for their creation. It can be done with a simple step of citation. Mentioning one’s source of information acknowledges the effort of the writer. Also, it gives him/her due credit for the work.

Writers and editors must keep in mind that the creation aims to reach the target audience. The more the content is easy to read and understand, the more acceptable it will appear. Wondering how to rewrite for better readability? Give a read!

How to rewrite for better readability?

  • The answer to how to rewrite a sentence must be clear to the writer. Writers use different sources as inspiration while creating content, but using those exact words in any content may leave the readers baffled and searching for meaning.
  • The writer must be conscious about replacing exact terms, phrases, and ideas with his/ her own words for better readability and understandability. Apart from that, using sources of information without proper citation may put the article writer in trouble.
  • Thanks to the availability of the latest tools online, it is now easier to know how to rewrite a sentence. With different article rewriter software available, the difficult task can now be completed in lesser time. The rewriting tool is not only user-friendly but also accurate.

Adopt these useful strategies for creating flawless and good quality content.

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