Teacher Self-Care 101

While fulfilling, teaching is an occupation that can also inflict an elevated amount of stress on an individual. With enough stress comes burnout and, perhaps without even realizing it, an individual can express a weakened physical and emotional state of health. Those that do realize it don’t stick around, as high turnover rates have contributed to a severe teacher shortage across the country. What can be done to combat burnout, though? It begins by addressing the stressors of the job and initiating systemic change; however, more and more teachers are being encouraged to practice self-care and mindfulness while at school and after hours. To learn more about some of the ways that teachers across the country are keeping their health in check, be sure to check out the infographic coupled alongside this post.

Teacher Self-Care 101

Check out Teacher Self-Care 101, provided by Curriculum Associates; an organization offering lessons in PHONICS for Reading.

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